Sex and the Desert

Eventually got round to seeing Sex and the City 2 last week. Eventually getting round to writing this post, which has been rattling and rootling around in my head and my notebook since then.

While it was clear from the trailer and the reviews that this wouldn’t be a good film, I was curious to know would it be enjoyable in any way. And by enjoyable, I mean how much shopping envy I’d have afterwards.

Alas, dear reader, it was not to be – upon leaving the cinema I was too devastated for shopping. And that says a lot.

It was when I saw the greengrocer’s apostrophe in Carrie’s Vogue column that I knew I was in for a tough ride with this film. Shoddy, just shoddy.

And then they went to Abu Dhabi (filmed in Morocco apparently) and sang Karaoke (Helen Reddy’s I Am Woman) and Smantha got caught having sex on the beach. Yes, it’s as bad as all that. It’s politically incorrect in the wrong kind of way and very, very patronising.

I love a good coinage as much as the next person, but this film took it to a different level. Coinage for coinage’s sake is not to be recommended. Some examples for your delectation:

Brooms – Stanford and Anthony get married and call themselves this, an amalgamation of bride and groom, but it just made me think of people with bad hair. I was, however, impressed with their wedding, which featured Liza Minnelli and swans. Yes, Liza Minnelli and swans. And Carrie in a tuxedo and a mad looking headpiece.

Interfriendtion and interfuntion – no comment.

Sandwedge – Charlotte falls off a camel while trying to answer a call from her husband. This is Miranda’s lame quip. Miranda, I missed the old you.

Bedouin, Bath and Beyond – just one of the many references to the mysterious Middle East. No further comment.

Erin Go Bra-less – the Irish nanny who won’t wear a bra, and looks like she came from Offaly via The OC. Her perkiness gives Carrie the chance to wonder if Charlotte’s husband will succumb to “the Jude Law” which was amusing. But not amusing enough to excuse the many other indiscretions.

So it’s materialistic escapism of the patronising variety – in a discussion about how hard motherhood is proving, Charlotte wonders how women with no ‘help’ cope.

I have no more words, coined or uncoined.


2 Responses to Sex and the Desert

  1. Radge says:

    Turns out I have no words either.

  2. emilyam says:

    I’ll take that Radge. Word.

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