It’s oh so quiet…

I love walking through town early in the morning, when the day is just shaking its duvet off and splashing cold water on its face. The footpaths are often wet outside a cafe or shop, having been drowned in anticipation of the footfall to come. Bundles of newspapers and cartons of milk queue outside office buildings. Empty buses trundle past and taxis wait their turn at the rank.

Tonight, walking home along Henry Street, I realised that a June evening can be just as idyllic. It could have been milder tonight but the rain that might have fallen had, eh, taken a raincheck. And maybe it was the fact that the Leaving Certificate exams started today (good luck), but it was oh so very quiet in the city centre.

I hadn’t thought before tonight of Henry Street as prime fodder for a quiet moment – but the fact that nothing much (if anything) opens past 7pm most nights makes it ideal.

The other aspect that was nice was the juxtaposition of the old (the Arnott’s sign) and the new (the Spire), both beautifully vertical.

Dublin can be heaven. At dawn, at dusk. When you least expect it to be.


3 Responses to It’s oh so quiet…

  1. Radge says:

    I read footfall as football. Topical.

  2. emilyam says:

    So the euphoria has set in then?

  3. Radge says:

    It’s more of an interested sideways glance in between turnings of the pages of my book.

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