The biggest wet T-shirt competition in the world

Sometimes I wonder if a little part of me thinks I’m a sub-editor in a tabloid newspaper…

Standing on Fitzwilliam Square today, waiting for the Mini Marathon to start. I walked it last year and I’m back again for 2010, in support of the ISPCA. This is the 28th year and the organisers estimate that €14 million will be raised for charity. So far, so admirable.

The crowd is a sea of women, wearing rainbow coloured T-shirts, emblazoned with the logo of their chosen charity.

Ruth Scott (from 2fm) is cheering everyone on from a platform somewhere, organising a Mexican Wave and reminding people not to throw their bin bag ponchos on the ground.

It’s raining. Heavily. Did I mention that?

The kind of sloppy wet kisses rain that gets you soaked in two minutes flat, but somehow makes you feel warm in spite of itself. The kind of rain you only really get in an Irish summer.

Even though I can’t see Ruth, it’s pretty clear she’s dancing about to the music – the playlist that would fit right in on a sweaty Friday night in Copperface Jacks. Michael Buble, Abba, S Club 7.

Ruth cheers again and tells us that this is the biggest womens’ event anywhere in the world.

And I turn to my friend and say: “So does that make it the biggest wet T-shirt contest in the world, too?”


2 Responses to The biggest wet T-shirt competition in the world

  1. BerdetteBurke says:

    Too Funny! I love it:)

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